This page is dedicated to my DOS programs: Bloček and Kašmár and few other small utilities
Bloček - text editor with unicode support
Kašmár - editor for unicode and VGA fonts
Utilities - not more developped and maintained
All my programs are available with binaries and sources and they can be spread under condition of GNU licence. The same applies for all used source libraries.


Bloček is text editor for DOS with unicode support. It means that unlike other DOS editors you are not limited to your current code page. It allows you to edit multilanguage documents, translate texts from one language to another, write modern web pages and so on.
Alternatively can be also used as image viewer (BMP, PCX, GIF, PNG, JPG and WMF)
Current version is v1.62
Compilation date: 15. January 2019
Here is binary (default download) or download the same version in legacy 8.3 format
Bloček is written in programming language pascal and as a compiler uses Freepascal. Actually the version 3.0.2 but the compatibility with legacy version 1.0.10 is still kept.
Grab sources here or here (8.3 format)
Separate source of graphics library VenomGFX
There is available a mirror on server binary and source and separate source for graphic library VenomGFX You can also download a additional font packs: exotic middleeuropean fonts and simple world fonts

Bloček version history:
  - fixed a lot of typos in texts
- fixed block operations on the single line blocks
- solved "undeletable" first char of line which occured in some situations
+ block conversions to make case up or low
  + Conversion of the extended ASCII or Unicode chars into HTML entities
- fixed possible crash when opening large text file
- fixed crash after pressing up arrow after menu activation by mouse
* progress indicator now uses timer
  - fixed graphical glitch causing garbage in some circumstancies when opening a new window
- mouse sometimes caused noticeable slowdown of program
- reenabled the char typing using ALT + <codes on numeric keyboard>
- fixed crash when "word wrapping" on empty file was selected
- optimized the method for getting the hardware glyphs from graphic card
+ implemented function keys CTRL+right arrow and CTRL+left arrow
+ implemented function CTRL+A (select all)
+ CTRL+Del deletes selected block
+ selected blocks are now visible just in the text - not only in status line
+ program language can be switched directly from menu system (no manual editing of conf. files is needed)
* not only the final compilation but also regular development is done with Freepascal 3.0.2
  + now can display the Exif info in JPEG files and export the Exif data
+ can resize big images to optimaly fit the screen
+ can now properly display the semi-standard VGA fonts with used 7.bit in char definitions
- fixed few bugs which potentialy could lead to crash
- fixed some graph. glitches when changing the image viewer and text editor modes
- fixed "locking" of ALT and CTRL keys in some situations
- fixed typos in english messages
  - fixed potential bug with keyboard handler and corrected system info window
  * detect DOS code page for using with unicode
   (so "keyboard_mapping" variable in BLOCEK.CFG is now deprecated)
* some VESA BIOSes or drivers are buggy so VESA3 functions can be disabled now
+ block operations - you have not only one clipboard but NINE clipboards!
+ System information window
  - Fixed conflict between DOS national keyboard driver and Bloček's internal keyboard driver. ("dead keys" watched by DOS was "stealed" and not processed by internal driver)
- Fixed wrong displaying of text cursor in some situations. (this bug became more severe in previous version)
+ Now allows to define keys which are "semi-capslock dependent" (like ěĚ/2 in czech keyboard driver)
* keyboard definition files are now much more user friendly so it is easier to define new ones
+ hungarian keyboard layout
  - Fixed some annoying problems with charmap
* More carefully avoids bugs of Freepascal 2.x.x - Bloček should be more stable now
  * Now can work in banked modes too!
- Prior versions could with some screen drivers wrong download fonts from VRAM.
- tries to avoid some problems occuring with widescreen monitors
  - fixed some minor problems with line breaking in GUI
- fixed wrong positions of points in radio button dialogs
  + Now can load vector image format .WMF (so Bloček can serve also as a converter from .WMF format into .BMP because of the screenshot feature)
- fixed occasional bug when shelling into DOS
* compiled with current version of graphics library VenomGFX
1.33b (2010 edition)
  - no new features, just made two changes in source to be compilable by new FPC versions - 2.4.0 and newer.
  (binaries of Bloček and Kašmár on this site were refreshed - now compiled with FPC 2.4.2)
  + ASCII conversions
+ brasil keyboard layout
+ configurable menus
+ warns if no virtual memory is present
* radicaly reworked all managment of messages and texts
* other invisible changes
* for final compilation is used Freepascal 2.2.0a
- crash when checking word wrapping with new file
- filesector allows to manualy select a file by writting its name
- tabs work correctly now
- thousands separator
  + charmap
+ configuration managment with default and user configuration files
- few bugs fixed
* files are opened gradualy and loading can be canceled
* quite a lot of code rewritten
* better speed
* for final compilation is used another compiler - Freepascal 2.1.4
+ more unicode fonts (there is also a editor with TTF import available on my WWW)
  * reworked code for switching of opened files
* better tabulators handling
- more compatible searching files
+ russian keyboard driver knows letters "yo" and "YO"
* all text windows now share one outtput buffer - saves a lot of memory
- crash in Search again after Search without any occurence of searched string
* more carefuly checks if graphics card supports LFB
  + functions Search, Search again, Replace and Fix word wrapping
+ better algoritms for scalling images (see Select filter in Options menu)
+ horizontal and vertical flip for images
* scrolbars work more or less like in windows
+ changing to/from word wrapping mode keeps cursor position
+ checks if image files are corrupted
- fixed some bugs in image viewing mode
+ added german keyboard driver
- fixed czech keyboard driver
* many invisible but important changes in GUI library
+ better error handler
+ expands tabs
  + Ctrl+Alt+arrow functions
+ PNG reader
+ Bloček can be now used as image viewer (BMP, PCX, GIF, PNG, JPG)
- fixed one bug related to text scrolling in word wrapping mode (some mysterious issues left)
- reports error when you try to write to read only drive
- now can't become 15bpp x 16bpp graphics mode confusion
  + another unicode font
* unicode fonts are much smaller now
* unicode fonts are now proportional
+ keyboard layout switching
+ GIF reader
- some small bugs fixed (some left)
+ glyph info on right mouse button
  + word wrapping
+ conversion routines to/from unicode coding
- some small bugs corrected
+ automatic detection of unicode text
* some internal changes what will be visible later :-)
! most probably some new bugs around word wrapping
0.9x and 1.0.x
  gradual evolution

Here you can see some screenshots:


Kašmár is tool for developers. It is a unicode font editor which allows you to create or modify bitmap unicode fonts used in my programs and libraries. It has also functions for import and export from/to VGA font files (which are used by many legacy utilities) so it can be considered also as a VGA font editor.
Current version is 2.0b
Compilation date: 5.January 2019
Download link here and alternate 8.3 download here
Bloček is written in programming language pascal and as a compiler uses Freepascal. Actually the version 3.0.2 but the compatibility with legacy version 1.0.10 is still kept.
Grab sources here or here (8.3 format)
Separate source of graphics library VenomGFX
There is available a mirror on server binary and source and separate source for graphic library VenomGFX

Kašmár version history:
- The window dragging works even in DOSbox now
* program is internaly greatly reworked
+ can open up to four files simultaneously (previous versions were able to open only one file)
+ block operations: now you can do most operations in block mode - with many chars at the same time
+ you can copy block of chars between opened files
+ can import and export VGA font files using ASCII/unicode conversion filters
+ can import font from VGA hardware
+ more functions in the painting grid
+ more possibilities with glyph width settings + better and easier to understand control of the program
- fixed some graphical glitches when compiled with Freepascal 3.0.2
  + you can move all windows on the screen
- the input from numeric keyboard did not work
pre 1.9 versions
  gradual evolution

Here you can see some screenshots from Kašmár:


My old software

  • Grabka - simplifies process of copying audio CD and converting them to MP3. Included is a simple non TSR CD player
  • LiveCD - utility for proud owners of Soundblaster Live! This tool sets volume of CD output so you can listen CD's without soundblaster compatibility drivers loaded.
You can download even other my programs and units on my czech site. You can browse it in "english" via google translator.
Link to google translated version of my czech site is here.